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Daisychains of Silence  by  Catherine  MacLeod

Daisychains of Silence by Catherine MacLeod
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Daisychains of Silence - a story of love, lies and memory.Charged with the fragility of family and the power of forgiveness, Daisys story unfolds over three days of memories and misunderstandings during a visit to her mother, whos in the early stages of dementia.~An idyllic childhood in the highlands of Scotland ends abruptly when Daisy is sent to boarding school, but thats just the beginning of her unravelling. Fall-out from her parents disintegrating marriage spirals her into chaos- disturbing memories from her childhood propel her on. Daisy keeps it all inside but she has had enough.

Forbidden contact with her adored father she marries the love of her life, a musician, and sets about building a new life from scratch, based on honesty, not lies.All goes well for twenty five years, until her husband faces a crisis of his own. Daisy reverts to old ways of coping as betrayal and family secrets are exposed, loosening the threads woven so tightly into the fabric of her life. Her mother is losing her already shaky grip on reality- if Daisy is ever to find out the truth about her fathers death, she must do it now.

The discovery of a gun and a bundle of letters at her mothers house triggers a series of painful but ultimately cathartic memories, forcing Daisy to re-examine her past.MacLeod has the eye of a photographer, a painter, an ability to draw our attention to details that matter: a crocheted curtain, filthy from neglect, a beloved hand-made doll, cords of colored thread glistening on a well-used table, scars that form a smile ...

MacLeods characters will stay with you long after youve finished this lovely book, and youll find yourself rooting for them, each and every one, despite their flaws or maybe because of them. ~ Mary Vensel White, author of The Qualities of Wood, HarperCollins, January 2012.

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