Special Task Force: GREEN MAJIK #1 Pretty Hate Machine: Installment 1 of 4 Don Templeton


Published: April 30th 2012

Kindle Edition

90 pages


Special Task Force: GREEN MAJIK #1 Pretty Hate Machine: Installment 1 of 4  by  Don Templeton

Special Task Force: GREEN MAJIK #1 Pretty Hate Machine: Installment 1 of 4 by Don Templeton
April 30th 2012 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 90 pages | ISBN: | 8.20 Mb

PLOT TEASER for Installment 1 of 4May Day -- Denver, ColoradoNine year old Sadie Hawkins attacks her own school with military-issue ordnance, killing scores of children and school personnel before committing suicide.May the 3rd -- Denver, ColoradoDetective Jack Blackjack Carnahan investigates the brutal homicide of a postal employee and his family. The man is a member of the local UFO community and has emailed a file containing frightening pictures to Soldier Of Fortune magazine.

A mysterious Man In Black agent from Homeland Security is focusing on Carnahan over the victims computer hard drive and what wasnt on it when taken into custody.Local hypnotherapist Buffy Rayburn has been drafted into the service of a special task force dispatched to investigate the Sadie Hawkins case due to her controversial clinical specialty: a sub-folder in the multiple personality debate known as Satanic Ritual Abuse.While Jack Carnahan races against the clock to discover the connections between a pint-sized suicide juggernaut, the brutal killings of a UFO researcher and his family, and the US Government, a gang of assassins-for-hire who are Denver Police motorcycle traffic cops by day are closing in, determined to add Blackjack Carnahan to the list of casualties being shredded in this Pretty Hate Machine.Blue Falcon Press is proud to publish a package of lethal tales of SF derring do against a foe so threatening to the survival of humanity that it is the final catalyst that precipitates a unification of the species for mutual survival.

This will tell the near future history of a band of Special Forces ghosts who remain utterly dedicated to their founders Latin motto: De Oppresso Liber -- To Free the Oppressed. This off-the-books ODA (operational detachment alpha) is an unconventional warfare (UW) focused team that is working around the clock to organize the American people into a resistance movement that is effective in overthrowing the New World Order/Mythos designs for humanity.WELCOME To Installment 1 of Pretty Hate Machine.

I am a writer who loves to interact with my readers. Each book in this series will come out in fourths -- one installment per month containing one-fourth of the novel. My readers who subscribe will then tell me what they think of each installment and suggest ideas for the next segment. Once the four month long installment cycle is complete, the physical paperback version is published and it will be the final version of the story which the readers had a stake in shaping from the first day of the process.

-- Don Templeton

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