Poppies and Prefects Winifred Darch


Published: 1923


284 pages


Poppies and Prefects  by  Winifred Darch

Poppies and Prefects by Winifred Darch
1923 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 284 pages | ISBN: | 3.12 Mb

(slightly spoiler-ish)This ones a low three. The plot of this 1923 school story is a bit silly: Camping in Normandy with her Girl Guide Patrol, the Poppies, Margaret, while touring a lace factory comes across a younger girl, Jeannine, who while toiling away at the lace startles the uniformed Margaret by surreptitiously giving her the Girl Guide salute. It transpires that Jeannine is half English, and had briefly lived in England and been a Guide before becoming orphaned and sent to live with an unkind French aunt.

Due to the spitefulness of Meriol, one of the poppies who apparently has been rebuked once too often by Margaret, Margaret and Jeannine are locked in a cathedral tower together. After theyre rescued, Margaret discovers that Jeannine has great artistic talent, and sends a telegram to her parents who take the next boat over and manage to persuade the mean aunt to let them take Jeannine home with them so they can send her to school with Margaret. Now the action switches to England and the school. At the start of the new term Margaret becomes head girl.

Her well-meaning but blunt actions to reform the slack middle-school further enrage Meriol who does all she can to sabotage Margaret, including starting an anti-guide society and doing her best to corrupt the innocent Jeannine with her rule flouting ways. After many chapters of rather tense school politics during which Margaret is at odds with most of the staff, all ends well, and the book closes with the sixth form entertaining the staff at a formal dance party -- although were not told whether teachers or students lead.

Over the course of the story Jeannines artistic talent gets lost by the way-side, but thats perhaps just as well, and fortunately she does not turn out to be a long-lost cousin of Margarets, which at one point seemed likely. For die-hard school story fans only

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